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20-Jun-2018 16:11

Especially if you’re one of the many who believe that 32-bit operating systems can’t by definition use more than 4GB of RAM, what do you expect to see for the System Properties in the original 32-bit Windows Vista on a machine with 8GB of RAM?

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No code needs to be changed even by one byte, but to prove this point I have to patch the code because Microsoft protects the data.

An entirely ordinary test program writes 1GB of data from a single memory block to a file and reads the file back into that same memory block. By the time that eight instances are running concurrently, all the physical memory is in use: Of course, there are contrivances and caveats.

To get these pictures without contrivance, you would need a license upgrade from Microsoft, which Microsoft shows no sign of offering.

Applications ought not matter, as argued below, but drivers may.

This is where my one exception comes from: some of my tests failed until I updated the display driver (from NVIDIA).Windows will use all this memory, too, not that I have any ordinary need for it to do so.

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