Updating a select drop down html with sql information

14-Jul-2017 04:31

We all know that SQL Server by default listens to the port number 1433.

But, due to security reasons, the default port number will/can be changed to a different port in order to minimize hacks on SQL Server.

Identity modifying may fail depending on a number of factors, mainly revolving around the objects/relationships linked to the id column.

updating a select drop down html with sql information-61

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Then run your query: If you make the change manually, you can ask the manager to generate the SQL script for the change (table designer menu, generate change script).

My answer is only one more (create table, switch, update, switch back, drop) It is presumably you are more familiar with these steps so they look less convoluted.

Updating can be much more efficient then delete insert when many rows are involved. If a /*Define table with same structure but no IDENTITY*/ CREATE TABLE Temp ( ID INT PRIMARY KEY, X VARCHAR(10) ) /*Switch table metadata to new structure*/ ALTER TABLE Test SWITCH TO Temp; /*Do the update*/ UPDATE Temp SET ID = ID 1; /*Switch table metadata back*/ ALTER TABLE Temp SWITCH TO Test; /*ID values have been updated*/ SELECT * FROM Test /*Safety check in case error in preceding step*/ IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Temp) DROP TABLE Temp /*Drop obsolete table*/ CREATE SEQUENCE Seq AS INT START WITH 1 INCREMENT BY 1 CREATE TABLE Test2 ( ID INT DEFAULT NEXT VALUE FOR Seq NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, X VARCHAR(10) ) INSERT INTO Test2(X) SELECT 'Foo' UNION ALL SELECT 'Bar' UNION ALL SELECT 'Baz' UPDATE Test2 SET ID =1 Very slick.

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Note: After edit the the identity column, don't forget to off the IDENTITY_INSERT.

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