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16-Jan-2018 10:54

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Hear her pain: "My wardrobe is a disaster, I'm really bad at hair and makeup.

Leading relationship expert and rising media personality Matthew Hussey provides what every woman needs to know to find lasting love.

Leveraging what he learned from coaching thousands of men to find personal and professional success, Hussey will teach you how to meet more men, how to choose one who is worth your time, and finally, how to keep him enthralled forever.

His insightfulness, irreverence, and warmth make the journey to love playful and fun, and his advice ensures success in both romance and life.

Sorry, folks, we live in a "Biggest Loser" world now -- that's not going to cut it. Ty, a musician with an "unusual but cute" face, isn't going to stay single for long, so it's time to get to work.

If someone is going to get the chance to look amazing (for free! "I'm going to make you over top to bottom, inside and out," Roe says.

"Plain Jane," premiering Wednesday night, is also hindered by this silly issue: The protagonists, one "ugly duckling" a night, aren't ugly at all. sweet," Roe says lightly, though her eyes widen when Cristen confesses that on occasion, she has been known to wear pajamas out of the house. Later, Roe arms Cristen with an electronic shock collar of sorts during an entertaining montage of "flirting lessons," and sends her off to pick up guys at a dog park, where she'll feel a volt of electricity if she doesn't get at least one man's phone number, or uses boring pickup lines. After a day of reaping the benefits of Roe and her experts, who arrange for Ty to show up on a date to meet his improved "friend zone" gal, Cristen gushes: "I feel like I'm in a movie." But sadly, she's just in a reality show, one that makes the stakes so low and so simple, it's difficult to care about the outcome. You will also learn why the guy you like has gone cold and the secrets to reigniting a spark with him.