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18-Dec-2017 15:30

Free download this software to recover lost webcam videos, dvr/cctv videos now. So I really need some guidance about how to retrieve videos created using the laptop's webcam.

"I accidentally deleted a video file from my computer that ran through Webcam Companion 3, and I want to get it back. I heard that there is some file undelete software that can do it. " Like the above case, many users have such a similar experience that get one or more Webcam videos lost due to accidental deletion, hard drive format, virus attack, and many other reasons.

i Cam Spy is a very easy to use Web App, which can turn your PC, tablet or phone (Android, i OS, Windows, Linux) into a remote video and audio surveillance CCTV system, you can access using just a web browser. To view the surveillance video from your camera server, login on a second device and select Start Camera Viewer from the i Cam Spy app menu.

Login with the device you want to use as a video surveillance camera and select Start Camera Server from the i Cam Spy app menu. You can place it anywhere and leave it running 24/7.

These include night vision, and weatherproof cameras that are highly sensitive to movement and low light.

You'll also find real-life spy cameras hidden in functioning AC charging adapter and i Pod docks.

You could buy a dedicated security camera, but those are expensive.

i Spy can automatically upload recorded video to You Tube or your own Web server.I offer state-of-the-art surveillance systems at my store.