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There are many improvements to the v8 API including spatial geometry functions discussed in a previous post, Spatial to the Browser. Here is a small test app that illustrated the problem: Access to Image at ‘ from origin ‘ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. “Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows restricted resources on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the first resource was served.” Back in 2013 Microsoft added CORS to blob storage tools. "); Cloud Blob Client blob Client = storage Account. Keywords like "expose anal / genital" shall be used for all furnitures where the so-called body part is exposed.Mods that want to do some anal / genital games would profit if they know if the body part is presented and ready for access Keywords like "whipping from back / front" are useful if a mod wants to whip the victims ass or front Keywords like "worn screwed / locked / sliceable" describes how restraints are locked.= ""Bool result = Slave Tats.simple_remove_tattoo(ak Actor, as Section, as Overlay Name, false,false)Log("Remove Overlay(" as Overlay Name ", " as Section ") failed on " zbf Util.Get Actor Name(ak Actor), result == False, i Warning)End If End Function zbf Furniture Bed - simply a bed - likely where one actor is restrainedzbf Furniture Whipping - furnitures where the victim can be whippedzbf Furniture Whipping From Back - furnitures where victims back being whipped (eg.Zep hides it and re-equip it when the actor leaves the furniture.

XCross)zbf Furniture Has Wrist Cuffs - this furniture has cuff animation objects, so existing cuffs shall be unequipped while using the furniture (eg.; old Function Set Overlay_Slave Tats(Actor ak Actor, String as Overlay Name, String as Section)If as Overlay Name != ""Bool result = Slave Tats.simple_add_tattoo(ak Actor, as Section, as Overlay Name, last = False)Log("Set Overlay(" as Overlay Name ", " as Section ") failed on " zbf Util.This all thanks to my Partner in Crime Xa Z, without his effort and his scripts this mod would be just a Master Mod where other Mods draw Animations from.

This mod may contain Full Nudity, BDSM, Fetish, Sexual Stuff and therefore Adult Content!

Bing Maps Ajax v7 API is due to retire June 30, 2017 replaced by the newer and much better Bing Maps Ajax v8 API. Set Service Properties(service Properties); Another approach to modifying CORS settings for blob storage is Azure Power Shell.