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"I'm trying to get in the mindset of getting out touring again and doing studio work," Wayne says.

Dale thinks that's possible if his brother can find a way to manage those crippling headaches, and the family is trying to get Wayne to a new neurologist to help with that. I've never thought of that, but thrust me in the studio with any group of players and I can hang with them.

Supper — Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday — Bread-broth and bread; other days — Beer or milk pottage. Other township workhouses in the area included Penwortham (erected 1796), Walton-le-Dale (1796), Longton (1821), Ribchester (1823), Wood Plumpton (1824), Hutton (1825), and Howick (1827). The Foundation & Area consisting of 1106 square yards. Like many parts of industrial northern England, Preston was opposed to the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act and its insistence on the establishment of a deterrent workhouse.

The estimate, given above, of the weekly expenses of provisions; for a pauper in the house, furnished by the vestry clerk, does not include the whole charge of each person. The union's preference was to distribute out-relief in times of industrial slump, and for workhouses to be small and local.

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Deepdale Road and Wood Plumpton stayed as mixed workhouses, Ribchester was used for adult males, Walton-le-Dale became the union's boys' school, and Penwortham was used for girls. Conditions in the workhouse were the subject of severe criticism following an inspection by Poor Law Inspector R. ("The Itch" was the popular name for scabies, a contagious skin disease caused by a mite.) This workhouse is old, ill arranged, and unsuitable in every respect for the purposes for which it is used, namely, the reception of all classes of poor.

Ivey's office said Saturday the election was still set for Dec.