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The airborne organisms, if inhaled by a susceptible dog, can attach to the lining of the trachea and upper airway passages, find a warm, moist surface on which to reside and replicate, and eventually damage the cells they infect.

The reason this disease seems so common, and is even named "Kennel" cough, is that wherever there are numbers of dogs confined together in an enclosed environment, such as a kennel, animal shelter, or indoor dog show, the disease is much more likely to be spread.

The same is true with the "colds" spread from human to human ...

they are much more likely to occur in a populated, enclosed environment such as an airplane, , or Even a chance encounter with a carrier of Kennel Cough can transmit the disease. All it takes for contagion to occur is a single source (infected dog), an enclosed environment, and susceptible individuals in close proximity to the source of the infection.

They both have issues.][Maybe this keeps their marriage together? Here’s my mom’s excuse for filling up her 3 bedroom house to the rafters: “It’s all a big puzzle. When I have all of the pieces of what I need for my house, I can begin to put them together and finally have the house I really want.” 68. I’m saving it for; a) church b) a quilt c) the nurse who looks after me d) you.

4/29/08: message: “I have to find the right e-bay storefront. She’s living off of the money from the divorce, the sale of the old house (which was also trashed and we got little money for anyway), and child support payments.

I am so constipated I had to use a suppository again. The phone keeps ringing with sales calls and it keeps distracting me. The causative organisms can be present in the expired air of an infected dog, much the same way that human "colds" are transmitted.The airborne organisms will be carried in the air in microscopically tiny water vapor or dust particles.Typical behaviors seen in compulsive hoarding include: • Saving far more items than are needed or can be used • Acquisition of more items than can be used • Avoidance of throwing things away • Avoidance of making decisions • Avoidance of putting possessions in appropriate storage areas, such as closets, drawers, or files • Pervasive slowness or lateness in completing -Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Hoarding Website Heard from our hoarding parents, collected from members of the Children of Hoarders Yahoo support group: 1. but if she’s working so many hours, why is she still broke?

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My mom has specifically said that she was too much of an ‘intellectual’ than to focus on housework. That she was “too busy taking care of the kids” to clean.

You just have control issues and can’t stand to see me enjoy my things.