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If you will be having all or part of your transplant as an outpatient, you’ll need to be very near the transplant center during the early stages.You’ll need a family member or loved one as a caregiver who can stay with you all the time.These might include: You will also talk about your health insurance coverage and related costs that you might have to pay.You may have a central venous catheter (CVC) put into a large vein in your chest.It also helps to talk to others who have already had transplants.It’s also very hard going through weeks and months of not knowing how your transplant will turn out.You will first be evaluated to find out if you are eligible for a transplant. For many people, transplants can mean a cure, but for some people, problems can lead to severe complications or even death.

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Every effort will be made to answer questions so you and your family fully understand what will be happening to you as you go through transplant.

For example, you’ll need a responsible adult who will be with you to give you medicines, help watch for problems, and stay in touch with your transplant team after you go home.