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14-Feb-2018 08:06

Por favor colete suas recompensas restantes antes de Quarta-Feira.

3.0 update and free-to-play-conversion will hit North American servers on April 11th, giving folks barely enough time to recover from any chocolate bunny-induced comas. E.) and a personalized in-game guide (the Atreian Atlas).

In my case, this is the ping I normally get: Needless to say this is a pain to do anything..

skills have a big delay, talking to npcs, even running around..

Spams users with in-game surveys to direct them to their cash shop, most times without any special event or bonus, just a reminder that they can buy stuff at the shop.

They seem to provide the most stable service after being in the business for already quite a few years.

Aion 3.0 brings new features into the game including player housing, an increased level cap, player mounts and new content,..... WOW Power Leveling | WOW Power Leveling | WOW Power Level © 2014

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