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Communication disorders that adversely affect a child’s education performance are described as speech or language impairments (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA], 2007).The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (2013) identified three types of speech impairments as well as five types of language impairments.Voice disorders include abnormal production of vocal sounds (loudness, pitch, duration) or vocal quality.Fluency disorders describe speech impairments that result in unnatural rhythm and speech timing, such as stuttering.Therefore, it is imperative that each student’s IEP be examined while also discussing with the student’s IEP team the specific communication techniques and instructional practices to be used with the student.By understanding the short-term and long-term communication and educational goals of the student, the teacher is better able to aid the student in reaching reach their learning goals.The five categories of language disorders are There can be many causes of speech or language impairments.Communication disorders can be caused by developmental delays, physical disorders, or can occur as a result of hearing malfunctions.

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Articulation disorders are the mispronunciation of words through omissions, substitutions, and/or distortions.For Classwork and Test Taking• Provide a quiet area for independent work.• Don’t penalize the student for spelling errors.• Arrange for a classmate to share notes with the student.• Provide opportunities for the student to show and use his strengths in class.• Provide extended time for testing.• Break down test or classwork instructions into short, written steps.For Class Preparation• Have the student read and become familiar with material before it’s taught in class.• Provide a list of key vocabulary and concepts for upcoming lessons.• Provide written homework instructions and a homework list for the week.Students with speech or language impairments should be given preferential seating within the classroom.

The student should be positioned in an area close to where instruction is given or where the student can be assisted.The individual’s specific speech or language impairment should be examined before attempting to make modifications to the learning environment.

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