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17-Apr-2018 05:02

The new property owner of the historic Los Angeles Times building unveiled details Friday about its plans to dramatically transform the downtown Civic Center with high-rise residential towers and a host of stores. Onni Group, a developer in Vancouver, Canada, bought the 202 W. Real estate developer Danny Haber speaks at a contentious community meeting at the Greater St.John Missionary Baptist Church, left, next to the 1919 Market Street warehouse, in West Oakland on Dec. The meeting was meant to inform the community about the development of new units at 1919 Market.One just hit the market in Torrance: the longtime North American headquarters of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, which is consolidating its U. Labor leaders and housing advocates cheered in November as Los Angeles voters approved a ballot measure that imposes new affordable housing requirements on many big developments.If real estate developers wanted to get city permission to erect taller or denser buildings than city rules allowed,...

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Japanese investors have bought the landmark hangar in Playa Vista, now leased by Google, where mogul Howard Hughes built his Spruce Goose aircraft in the 1940s. and its financial partner Penwood Real Estate Investment Management sold the four-building Hercules...

Analyst Spencer Levy has tracked the latest tax legislation through Congress, keeping a watchful eye on its potential impact on people who invest and work in the commercial real estate industry, a multitrillion-dollar driver of the U. On Thursday evening, as the sun sank and the air cooled, neighbors on Butler Avenue in West Los Angeles were starting to come outside.